● Handheld homily software is a fire-new mobile stock analysis software which combines quotation (delayed data), information with stock analysis. It takes Android platform and Apple platform into account in design and operation, so as to be available to all users to the most extent.

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●A Fire-new Mobile Stock Analysis Software

● Homilychart opens its official Wechat account number, the major functions of whicn are real-time quotation query, individual stocks fund flow query, all courses arrangement and online reservation, etc. You can inquire these information anytime and anywhere.

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● Quotation & fund flow query: please send the code (e.g. 600000) or name of a stock. Send 1a0001 or Shanghai securities composite index, likewise, 2a01 or Compositional Index of Shenzhen Stock Market to inquire their quotations respectively.
● Send course or kc to inquire all courses arrangement.
● Send reservation or yy to reserve the courses for free.
● Send ? or help to view the brief introducation of Homilychart official Wechat.

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