Dark Horse Formula, which belongs to a series of products of Homily Software, is designed specifically to solve the difficulties that investors often meet during their selecting stocks. This product's prior character is that when the Index is bullish, it can screen the relative reliable dark horse stocks in time by analyzing the three aspects above. It is equal to that, for example, according to the body, blood relationship and energy of horses to select the swift horse. So it is certainly can solve the investors' problems.

Pattern Formula

The users can filter the stocks which they think bullish through the assigned eight pattern models. This function has designed eight pattern modes and can express the users professional experience to automatically filter the recent strong stocks with the same characteristics.

Hot Stock Formula

It is based on Homily original hotspot evaluation system together with many years of practical experience of many Homily excellent lecturers and aims to assist investors in analyzing the current market, getting the hot sectors and stocks and chasing the banker’s movement.

Dark Horse Dreamworks

The function is originally derived from “Five Horse Charts of Homily Rainbow”. It is based on the capital operation mode and combines with the Trend Theory, Wave Theory as well as Homily Rainbow, at last creates the stocks movement judging solution.