International Winner is a simple, convenient and practical end of day software. It aims to analyze quotation and make decision, takes "Index, First; Stock, Next. Long-term, First; Short-term, Next. Operate the Familiar." as the investment philosophy, relies on systematical technical analysis and makes intelligent stocks selecting, indicators optimizing and clear buy & sell signals come true. Thereby it can enhance your investment odds.

Classical Indicators Group

Trend Expert: the red Homily Dow Candlesticks stand for buying; the green ones mean selling; the chief line is used to judge intermediate trend.

Multicolor Dragon: it is a bullish opportunity when the red profitable chips increase, which means the investment institution has been in the lead.

Intelligent Stocks Selecting

Technical Filter: abundant stock selecting models are easy to operate; to select your favorite bullish stocks in different markets, using different periods.

It aims to help different investors to make profits and applies to all kinds of market condition.

Indicators Optimizing

Black Box Expert is based on the probability statistics which is used to find the best investment strategy, give the corresponding hints, and determine trade automatically.