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A Fire-new Mobile Stock Analysis Software

Product Introduction

HomilyChart is a fire-new mobile stock analysis software which combines quotation (delayed data), information with stock analysis. It takes Android platform and Apple platform into account in design and operation, so as to be available to all users to the most extent.

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International Winner
● A Powerful and Systematical Analysis & Decision-making Software
● Intelligent stocks selecting
● Indicators optimizing
● Clear and definite buy & sell signals

Grand Winner
● A Timely and Steady Intraday Trading System
● Scanning favorite stocks in one screen
● Overall historical data analysis
● Monitoring the movement of main funds

Homily Alert
● A Risk Early Warning System
● Prompting 80% top areas accurately
● Using no future data
● Indicating short-term and medium-term risk definitely

Bottom Catch Expert
● A Professional Bottom Catch System
● Three steps to open a position
● Catching bullish stocks by linkage analysis
● Expert search to select stocks